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About Us

Serwiz is an Education Trust formed to provide financial assistance to under-privileged female kids to pursue their education with intent of empowering them to become independent, thereby contributing to our society at large.

Started in 2016 by two vibrant women who have a strong conviction that empowering female kids through education is the most optimistic way to provide equal opportunity to women power in the society. Serwiz is a baby-step towards that direction.

Our Vision

Uplift under-privileged girls by empowering them with well-deserved education and make them self-sufficient

Who we are

We are 2 member team blessed with good number of friends and well-wishers around the world. We aim to ignite women power through education and transform their lives.

What we do

There is still a notion against people below the poverty line that women are meant to do house-hold work. It is hard to believe the fact that due to financial crisis within the family…

How we do

We identify well deserved girls below the poverty line who couldn’t afford to pursue their education, however have a desire to transform their lives. It requires great effort to identify them…